Small Medium Enterprise Accounting and Administrative Services CC offer a range of financial accounting and related services to clients, predominately Close Corporations and Private Companies situated in the Gauteng Area that:

  • are not employing dedicated accountants; and or
  • Have a requirement for specialized administrative services.

SMEAAS CC - Small Medium Enterprise Accounting and Administrative Services CC offer its clients competitive and flexible outsourcing solutions tailor-made to the business needs and wants.

We achieve positive business outcomes where the client can:

  • Identify business critical financial indicators.
  • Make informed decisions and plan pro-actively.
  • Prevent risk and develop sound and practical solutions.
  • Experience peace of mind knowing that their business performance and statutory compliances are monitored and controlled.
  • Be informed with current financial and statutory news / developments.

Our client can expect (specific but not limited to):

  • In depth understanding of their business key performance indicators empowering them to focus on the right targets first time.
  • Improve on how their business generates revenue and profit.
  • Manage overheads and expenses.
  • Increase cash flow reserves.

We synergize business partnerships with our clients - we have passion and commitment in delivering consistent personal attention and sincere interest:

  • Our priority is to add value and benefit.
  • We guarantee convenience and reliability.
  • We have a reputation of excellence and ethical work.
  • We understand business difficulties; we resolve problems practically to ensure a "WIN-WIN" outcome.
  • We listen with attention.
  • We respect our client's opinion.
  • We care - our client's success will determine our own accomplishment.

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision". Peter Drucker.